Well-Being Centered Coaching

PF Vitality provides Mindfulness & Well-being Centered Coaching with Dave Mochel - CEO of Applied Attention and an internationally recognized teacher of neuroscience, mindfulness, well-being and leadership. He has been helping people live their best lives for 25 years.

Mindfulness Coaching will help you if:
- You want to be able to enjoy your hard work and success.
- Perfectionism leads to frustration and exhaustion.
- You feel stuck, but you just can't seem to do it differently.
- Procrastination keeps you from getting the results you want.
- You want to connect in meaningful ways to others.
- You are ready to access calm energy whenever you need it.

image title hereDave Mochel
Dave Mochel is the founder and CEO of Applied Attention, a consultancy that offers coaching to individuals, schools, and businesses to increase their performance and well-being by purposefully training their attention. He synthesizes research on effective practices, incorporates those practices in his own life, and then teaches the most fundamental lessons to a wide-ranging client base.

He has worked with ten-year-olds who suffer from night terrors and social anxiety, professional athletes who hope to strengthen their performance, college students seeking support during major life transitions, parents and spouses seeking the healthiest possible relationships, businesses interested in building a more positive work culture, and schools that are designing programs to help students develop skills of self-discipline, personal responsibility, and leadership.

Dave spends his summers in Japan working with students from more than thirty-five countries. There he teaches that leadership is not an innate quality but rather a skill that requires deliberate practice to develop. Dave encourages students to practice focusing their attention purposefully. Having students to try it for themselves is crucial, he says. He combines the attention training with physical activities that allow students to practice interpersonal leadership skills.

Dave has spent more than twenty years studying research in psychology, neurobiology, and human performance, focusing on the core topics of happiness, mindfulness, and self-regulation. He teaches mindful self-discipline: the idea that you can choose how you respond to a certain stimulus. When you recognize that you have a choice in how you choose to react to the world, you have the opportunity to better design your life.

Dave takes every opportunity to exercise his freedom to choose how he responds to challenging circumstances. And he is dedicated to supporting others to do the same in their own lives. "I am motivated by the deep gratification of living a life that once seemed impossible and helping others do the same. I just can't imagine something I would rather do."


One-on-one Sessions, Session Packages and Group Support Classes are available by appointment.
Packages include regular practice reminders as well as E-mail and phone access between scheduled meetings.
$200 / hour for One-on-One Private session.
Contact physicalfocus@gmail.com or (805) 695-0450 for more information.

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