What Sets Us Apart

Physical Focus
- A supportive community with an unmatched level of personal care.
- A path toward personal growth and improvement with guidance, camaraderie and accountability.
- A comprehensive concept based on leading-edge science and evidence.
- An unparalleled in-house team of health and fitness professionals collaborating together - Fitness Professionals, Physical Therapists, Doctors, Health Coaches, Nutrition Consultants, and Bodywork Specialists.
- A truly 'whole' approach to preventative healthcare, fitness, performance and overall well-being.

We began our careers in the fitness industry more than 20 years ago. Initially we mentored with physical therapists, and we trained our clients in physical therapy clinics instead of gyms because we didn't like the poor standards demonstrated by our own industry. We separated ourselves from other personal trainers because we were frustrated with our profession's lack of education, passion, and understanding, and we began formulating our vision of a training center that would bridge the gap between health care and fitness. That vision came true when we opened Physical Focus in 1999.

From the very beginning, we were determined not to become what all the other private studios around us had already become. They had basically become landlords, renting space to any trainer with clients who could afford to pay rent. Each trainer would work completely independent of the studio, with their own methodology, and in competition with one another for clients. We absolutely didn't want that. From the minute we opened, we turned away several trainers every single month interested in renting space at Physical Focus.

We did this because we wanted to build a unified team around a central philosophy. And we didn't want trainers working against one another for business. We wanted to handpick each member of our team. We knew this would take patience and due diligence. But that was our approach from the very beginning. In every club we had worked in prior to opening Physical Focus, we saw the same two things - trainers following their own unique methodology, and trainers competing with one another for clients. Instead, each member of our team would share the same underlying philosophy, and they would have to work collectively together, not in competition. This was fundamental to our vision when we started and continues even stronger today.

Today, more than sixteen years after we opened Physical Focus, we've integrated a Comprehensive Approach to Well-Being with an in-house Wellness Team of Fitness Professionals, Physical Therapists, Doctors, Nutrition Consultants, Health Coaches and Bodywork Specialists. We've been conditioned to wait until we have a problem, an illness, or an injury before seeking help and treatment. Instead, we take a proactive, preventative approach to minimize future risks and maximize potential for success, longevity and happiness.

We are grateful for this opportunity to collectively work together with other passionate and caring Professionals to help you because nothing is more important than our HEALTH!

Michael Allison & Kasper Allison
Brothers and Owners of Physical Focus Inc.

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Physical Focus is a private fitness studio providing Montecito and Santa Barbara with 24 Hour Gym Memberships, Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Red Cord, Athletic Training, Nutrition, Group Exercise, Fitness Classes, Post Rehab and Senior Fitness.