Our Approach

We are all athletes. Athletes playing in a variety of games, but with one common thread - ENERGY.
- Having enough energy.
- Balancing the energy we give with the energy we gain.
- Focusing our energy on what matters most to us.

Whether our game is family, community service, career, travel, longevity, competitive sports- it's important that we treat ourselves like the athletes we are. Training and practicing in order to expand, balance and focus our energy toward whatever is most important to us - our values, goals, relationships and commitments.

At Physical Focus, we start with movement, because it is the most natural stimulator of energy production available. Our Movement Based Approach becomes the foundation for taking care of ourselves. It addresses all the key components of fitness including strength, power, agility, balance, range of motion, flexibility and cardiovascular capacity. But it doesn't stop there. Our comprehensive methodology combines movement with strategic exercise, nutrition, rest and recovery into a recipe for optimal performance, longevity and overall well-being.

It's not about beating ourselves up. It's about making a long-term, lifestyle commitment to take care of ourselves, by challenging our conditioning both physically and mentally.

Our Approach is threefold.
You are the athlete. We are your Coach, Teammate and Team. Together, we will accomplish far more than we could ever do alone.

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