Massage Therapy

We provide a variety of different types of massage therapy including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Injury, Craniol-Sacral , Visceral Manipulation and Thai Massage. All treatments are available by appointment in our private treatment room or in the comforts of your home. Read below for detailed information about each type of massage. Please call for an appointment, or email the therapist directly from our site.

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage utilizes specific strokes to access the deeper layers of soft tissue. By removing adhesions (knots) from muscles and tendons (including ligaments in the joints), dramatic improvements in range of motion and flexibility can be achieved as well as a reduction in pain when present. A tight muscle is a weak muscle; natural strength is gained back when a muscle returns to its normal length. To ensure gains made are not temporary, movement pattern and posture issues are also addressed.

$100 for one hour. $125 for in-home visits.

Compressive Deep Tissue

Compressive Deep Tissue Massage (CDTM) couples time honored Eastern barefoot techniques with Western physiologic approaches and anatomic understanding. Prolonged deep compressions help to soften and spread tight muscles, and encourage relaxation. This technique is performed with the client fully clothed lying on a cushioned mat with lots of pillows, it can be used as an effective warm up prior to table work, or as a deep tissue, full body massage.

$100 for one hour. $125 for in-home visits.

Esalen Massage

Bringing peace to body and mind, an Esalen Massage provides a deeply relaxing, unwinding experience. Long, full body strokes create a sense of wholeness. A slow, mindful pace allows the client to follow, process and receive the work on a deeper level. The session progresses with a dance-like flow, including passive joint movement, focused deep tissue work, and stillness. Receivers experience a sense of self-connection and openness that can be brought with them beyond their time on the table.

$100 for one hour, $125 for 75 minutes, $150 for 90 minutes, plus $25 travel for in-home visits.

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation, more affectionately known as ‘belly work', involves specifically placed gentle touch that works to encourage the normal mobility, tone and motion of the viscera (belly) and the connective tissue membranes that surround each of the body's organ systems. It encourages your own natural mechanisms of healing through improvement in organ function; belly work is especially beneficial for those with digestive issues, depression and anxiety issues.

$100 for one hour. $125 for in-home visits.

Thai Massage

The healing art of Thai massage is a tradition that has been practiced for over 2, 500 years. The intention of a Thai massage is to guide the recipient into a state of balance. A Thai massage is practiced on a mat on the floor and the recipient is fully clothed. The massage is a rhythmic combination of gentle stretching, compressions, energy work, acupressure, and Yoga. The massage is very dynamic. As the receiver is moved through a sequence of postures tailored to his or her individual needs, tight muscles and busy minds are relaxed and stagnant energy becomes released stimulating the body's healing process. To prepare for a Thai massage, it is recommended not to eat at least one hour prior to the massage. Wear loose and comfortable clothing. For recipient's comfort, it is advised to take time prior to session to cleanse the hands and feet.

$100 for one hour, $125 for 75 minutes, $150 for 90 minutes, plus $25 travel for in-home visits.

Deep Swedish

This traditional massage will induce relaxation and promote stress reduction. The techniques used help relax the muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. There are five main strokes; petrissage (kneading), effleurage (stroking), friction, tapotement (tapping), and vibration. Some deeper techiniques including trigger point therapy can be used in problem areas. The amount of pressure used is determined by the client. You can choose a whole body massage or request work on just a specific area such as neck and shoulders. For a whole body massage you are warmly draped at all times except for the area being worked on. You will leave with a feeling of complete relaxation.

$95 for one hour. $135 for one and one half hour. Plus $25 travel for in-home visits

Movement Re-Patterning, Massage & Mind/Body Coaching

This combination accommodates a wide range of client expectations including deep relaxation; improved range of motion and performance; injury rehabilitation; trauma recovery; and personal growth. Our Therapist uses a variety of traditional techniques as well as the Hakomi method to address the mental and emotional issues which may be inhibiting healing from injury and trauma.

$100 for one hour. Plus $25 travel for in-home visits

Acute/Chronic Pain Management

Utilizing an eclectic approach of Thai Massage, Trigger Points, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Barefoot Compression Massage, and Essential oils.

$100 for one hour. Plus $25 travel for in-home visits

Keld is available Monday through Thursday after 6PM. Friday through Sunday are flexible.

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