Athletic Training

The primary goals of our Athletic Training are as follows:

1. Eliminate pain and minimize the risk of injury during Training and Sport

2. Improve performance and longevity in sport by building a foundation for proper movement first, and then developing functional strength, power and elasticity

3. Take the skills and lessons learned in Sport and carry them over to an overall lifestyle committed to optimal health and fitness

Practice, mental preparation and physical conditioning are essential for success in any competitive sport. The physical conditioning of amateur and professional athletes requires sport specific training to optimize performance and longevity, while minimizing the risks of injury.

Our training methodologies are scientifically based on principles and techniques that have been tested and proven on athletes throughout the world. We teach the body and brain to work together to develop strength, power, elasticity, coordination, quickness and agility. Our goal is to create the whole athlete who learns proper preparation, conditioning and goal setting to minimize the risk of injury, enhance their athletic ability and potential, and to carry over their newly developed skills and confidence into the rest of their life.

We begin by building a solid foundation for movement by developing core strength, improving ankle, hip and shoulder mobility, and enhancing stability in the lumbar spine, scapular-thoracic joints and knees. We then teach proper movement patterns and perform functional activities that reduce the risk of injury and prepare the athlete for the specific demands of their sport. The next step is to develop usable whole body strength, and then power and elasticity.

Physical Focus is also the home of their proprietary D.A.R.T. system - Dynamic Active Resistance Training. The D.A.R.T. system utilizes elastic bands in conjunction with traditional weights to alter resistance throughout a given movement. The D.A.R.T. system follows natural strength curves, because as weights get easier to lift, the elastic bands get more difficult, counteracting the shortfalls of traditional free weight training. As the user pushes, the resistance bands push back. Therefore, more powerful, explosive athletic movements can be performed rapidly with constant tension and less inertia. You experience a momentum free environment for maximal motor unit recruitment throughout an entire range of motion. The DART system creates an accelerating eccentric environment unlike any other machine on the market to enhance power, strength, and performance.

Not only is the D.A.R.T. system the most effective training method neurologically and muscularly, but by significantly reducing the uncontrolled momentum prevalent in all other standard equipment, the risk of injury and muscle strain are virtually eliminated.

We'd like to invite you to come and experience for yourself what many other professional and amateur athletes alike are already benefiting from. Private and small group athletic training sessions are available by appointment. Call us today.

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