Membership Basic

Basic Members receive an Initial Consultation with a Coach their first month. In addition, follow up Consultations with a Coach are included each 4th consecutive month. Basic Members receive access to our Online Workout Videos so that members can choose Total Body Routines to follow independently. In addition, Coach Consultations provide accountability and support so members stay on track and reach their goals!

New Members receive an Initial Consultation with a Coach
- Determine goals and abilities.
- Learn Proper Posture and Foundation for Movement.
- Discover weak links, potential injuries and problematic areas.
- Introduce basic movement patterns such as Squat, Hinge, Push & Pull.
- Collaborate on the best Program to meet your unique needs and interests.

Membership - Basic

- 1st Month - Includes Initial 30 Minute Coach Consultation
- Workout Videos - Monthly Access to our Online Workouts CLICK FOR SAMPLE


Basic Membership - Unlimited Key Club
Singles $190 / month; 1st month $245
Couples $285 / month; 1st month $385
Each Additional Person - $75 / month; 1st month $130 / Person

Basic Membership - Limited Key Club
$100 / Month; 1st Month $155

Key Code Anytime Access
Unique to the Montecito Community our Basic Membership Plans include 24 Hour Personalized Key Code Access for unlimited or limited anytime gym access.

Unlimited Access - 24/7 Anytime Access with no restrictions
Limited Access - 24/7 Anytime Access except during peak Personal Training hours Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Our Memberships are Month to Month with No Long Term Contracts

Only a limited number of Memberships are available.

Our online workout videos provide members with a variety of total body routines to follow on their own.

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