Summer 2012 at Physical Focus

Physical Focus is Montecito's only full service fitness club providing a spectrum of services to accomodate a wide variety of needs and interests and provide each member with a comprehensive fitness and wellness program. Our complete team of professionals includes Personal Trainers, Pilates & Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and Nutritionists all working together with one shared approach.

Referral Program

At Physical Focus, we like to describe ourselves as the "Cheers" of fitness clubs, where everybody knows your name. To continue building this feeling of being among friends, we'd like to encourage you to invite someone to join. As an incentive, for any friend who joins, we'll give you a $50 credit toward any service of your choice: massage therapy, personal training, pilates, yoga, or a 24 hour membership.

Add a New Service to Your Overall Program

Summer is the time to add a new service to compliment your current fitness program. To help you take even better care of yourself, we are offering a one time 2 services for the price of 1, when you add something new to your regular program at Physical Focus. If you do regular personal training, add 2 massage treatments to your program, or schedule 2 Pilates sessions. If you are doing Pilates, add a 24 hour membership to your monthly program or 2 Private Yoga lessons. *Offer is one time only, available only to existing clients adding new services, and for one type of service only.

Body Composition Analysis

Starting June 1st, Physical Focus will be offering the opportunity to receive a Body Composition Analysis by Physical Focus trainer, Zack Bertges. Body composition analysis is an interactive 7-site skin fold test to determine actual calculated percentage of body fat, ratio of fat to fat-free tissue, and your current health status. In addition, analysis will provide you with a detailed report that may be used to help monitor progress, a way to set new goals, and a supplementation to your knowledge of human physiology. Body composition session's will take approximately 20 minutes.

$45 - Schedule via email to

ArthroKinetic Institute

We are excited to announce the ArthorKinetic Institute (AKI), founded by Dr. Maury Hayashida and Dr. Tom Walters has joined our Physical Focus Team in offering a unique and comprehensive approach to fitness and optimal health. Located on our second floor, AKI is movement science based on the premise that optimal human movement is dependent upon the interaction between joint receptors and the central nervous system. The body's ability to sequence joint movements efficiently can only occur when communication between joint receptors and the nervous system is functioning properly. The identification and intervention of dysfunctional areas within this intricate system have been elusive in the traditional models of medical treatment and physical training.

AthroKinetic Institute provides a novel approach to identifying, treating, and training optimal human movement through 3 primary mediums: Video Motion Analysis, Manual Therapy and Neurac (Neuromuscular Activation). The restoration and optimization of human movement is often the solution to ongoing or impending muscle, joint, and nerve pain and performance impairment. This is the goal of the ArthroKinetic Institute.

Ascending Health Juicery

Physical Focus is Montecito's lower village drop-off location for AH Juicery's pressed, raw, organically grown juices comprised of 15 local vegetables. Juice is delivered fresh every morning upstairs at Physical Focus by 8 am. To order, call 698-5443.

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