Movement Dysfunction & Injury Prevention Assessment

Movement Dysfunction & Injury Prevention Assessment

Conducted by Doctors of Physical Therapy, Maury Hayashida DPT and Tom Walters DPT

This in-depth Assessment conducted by Doctors of Physical Therapy will identify specific movement dysfunction and weak links in the body that can eventually lead to injury, poor results and decreased performance.

The Assessment tells our Team exactly where to start and what to include in your fitness program and is key to insuring that we correct any movement dysfunctions before they lead to bigger problems, pain or injury.

Our Team of Therapists and Trainers discuss what is learned from the Assessment, and then work collectively together in the design and implementation of your overall program to maximize the benefits of your fitness training, minimize the risks of injury, and enhance your overall performance in life and sport. The Assessment is vital if you:
- Are beginning a new sport, activity or fitness program
- Want a holistic and comprehensive approach to your overall fitness program
- Have hit a sticking point or reached a plateau in your progress
- Have been plagued in the past with injury or pain with exercise
- Currently experience limitations in how you move or function
- Want to minimize risk of injury & maximize your athletic potential and performance

The Assessment Includes:

Biomechanical Scan (BMS)

The Biomechanical Scan (BMS) is a tool utilized by specially trained doctors of physical therapy to identify regions of the body that have movement dysfunction. It is meant to provide an objective measure of predictive value for injury prevention. It is a 15 min. assessment that will identify target areas for a personal trainer or physical therapist to specifically address in a fitness training or treatment setting. Some findings from the BMS may suggest the need for a more detailed examination also performed by a doctor of physical therapy with advanced manual therapy training.

Redcord's Neurac

Redcord's Neuromuscular Activation (Neurac) system was invented by Norwegian physical therapists and is designed to identify communication deficits between nerves and muscles that can lead to movement dysfunction and/or pain. Through the use of the Redcord professional workstation and Neurac's precise grading procedure, the physical therapist can specifically position the patient in a pain-free position in order to find asymmetries in muscle activation. Based on these findings, the therapist can prescribe corrective exercises to improve movement and reduce pain.

RATES: SPECIAL PRICE of only $50 / 30 minute initial assessment

Contact: Call Jasmine at (805) 270-3004 for Scheduling Your Assessment with Dr. Maury Hayashida or Dr. Tom Walters

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