Meet Our Newest Team Members

We are very excited to welcome two new members to our Physical Focus Team. Katie and Neela have recently joined our Pilates Team consisting of Amy Osborne, Melody Delshad, Lizzie Smith, Alejandro and Emily Draws. They bring with them years of experience, a multitude of certifications, and a sincere passion for helping others!

Katie is passionate about helping women prevent Osteoporosis, minimize it's impact if already diagnosed, and learn how to exercise safely and effectively for improving bone density. Her Pilates Methods not only help clients look and feel better, but more importantly build bone, core stability, strength, flexibility and mobility.

Neela's energy, passion and flow are an inspiration to all of us. If you've questioned how anyone in their 20's or 30's could possibly understand and relate to how you feel after rounding 50 plus, look no farther. We've found your Pilates Teacher, and she is fired up to share her secrets with you!

To help Neela and Katie get started, we'd like to offer the following discounts, avaiable one time only, and only for those of you not already doing private Pilates training, or looking to add something new to your current fitness and wellness program. Now, through the end of April, you may purchase one of the following:

One Introductory Pilates Session with Neela or Katie for $50

An Introductory Package of 5 Pilates Sessions with Neela or Katie for $300

We are confident that once you meet these two individuals, and give them an opportunity to work with you, you'll be as excited as we are to have them at Physical Focus!

image title hereKatie Koonce

Background: BASI Comprehensive Pilates Instructor; BASI Certified in Pathologies and Injuries; BASI Certified in Osteoporosis; Studied with Houston Ballet Academy for Dance

Interests: Pilates, Fitness, Dancing, Hiking, Cooking (website:, Photography

Specialty: Strong emphasis on postural alignment, muscular balancing and corrective exercise. Pilates and functional training based approach to resistance training.

Specialty: Osteopenia and Osteoporosis emphasis and strong knowledge about contraindicated movements and exercises; Emphasis on the Lumbar, Cervical and Thoracic Spine; Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Foot/Ankle Educated; Advanced Education in Pilates Certification Courses

Philosophy: You can only be your best when you are at your best

Contact: cellphone:(805) 450-0883

image title hereNeela Hutton

Background: PMA Internationally Cerified Pilates Teacher, Pilates full certification, Core Conditioning, Licensed Fletcher Provider, Certified Level One CoreAlign, Theatre Arts, UCLA

Interests: Music, dance and singing; film and theater; animal welfare; hiking; the beach and helping others to stay young in body and spirit.

Specialty: Working with people of all ages to promote a supple and fluid spine with the support of strong abdominals and lower back. The way Pilates makes your body look is just the frosting on the cake!

Philosophy: All the clothes and material things in the world cannot make up for an unhealthy, unfit body. Invest in your body! You will never regret it.

Contact: cellphone:(805) 886-7508

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