Don't Miss Out! Here are what others are saying about their Pilates experience with Alejandro!

"Alejandro approaches Pilates not as the latest trend in workouts but as the foundation of his life as an internationally respected professional dancer. His commitment shows in his depth of knowledge of classical Pilates training. With patience and a sense of humor, Alejandro teaches principles of movement and self-carriage, imparting to students of any level an improved self-awareness that benefits day-to-day activity outside the gym as well." Leslie G-J

"His passion for teaching and level of precision are unparelled. Every movement under his guidance is detailed and focused in a manner that is challenging yet extremely energizing." Kasper A

"Alejandro is a true pilates expert. When I work with him it is as if I am working with Joseph Pilates himself. It is about the mind, the core, the inner strength and the strength of one's own physical power. He gracefully yet seriously reminds me of what Pilates is all about!" Suzanne M

THREE FREE SESSIONS! If you've been considering adding Pilates to your Fitness Program, now is the time to start! Several clients have already taken advantage of Alejandro's generous offer and have been extremely pleased. We've decided to extend this offer, but only for a limited time because Alejandro's schedule is beginning to fill up. So take this opportunity now!

Alejandro is a classicaly trained, Certified Romana's Pilates Instructor passionate about expanding our Pilates Program at Physical Focus! He recently moved here from LA where he had a very successful Pilates Program. He is nationally recognized by his professional peers, and a Trainer of Instructors, because he is one of the few trained directly by Romana herself, a direct descendent and student of Joseph Pilates! We are fortunate to have Alejandro on our Team!

image title hereAlejandro Ameijeiras

Background: Certified Romana's Pilates Instructor; Danced professionally in the United States, Europe and Cuba; Studied at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow

Interests: weight training, swimming, dancing and reading; theater, opera and ballet

Philosophy: Physical Fitness is the first requisite of Happiness; Romana's Pilates can be said with three words - Stretch with Strength and Control; Energy flows where attention goes!

Contact: cellphone:(323) 679-4531

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