Kasper's Pilates Testimonial

If you know Kasper well, you may be slightly startled by his testimonial about Pilates. I know I was!

From Kasper.....
"Pilates is easy and not a REAL workout! That's what I thought before I started doing Pilates regularly a few months ago. I admit it - I was completely wrong! I'm a believer. Since Alejandro has been kicking my ass each session, I understand the value that Pilates plays in the Holistic Health and Fitness equation. My overall mobility and core stability have certainly benefited from the Pilates workouts as well as my posture and the way I carry myself. I am definitely more aware of how I am moving outside of the gym and I feel like I move with more ease and fluidity overall."

"In my professional opinion, Pilates targets the core at a much deeper level than standard strength training and the complex, range-of-motion movements directly carry over to more effortless and efficient movements in life and in sport. After several months of having experienced the benefits of Pilates firsthand, I truly support Pilates and believe that it should be an integral part of everyone's fitness and wellness program. As a Fitness Professional with more than 20 years of experience training clients and myself, I personally encourage you to make Pilates a part of your weekly routine and overall wellness equation. You deserve it!"

Wow! I'm speechless. Kasper's hooked!

At Physical Focus, we have a variety Pilates Instructors with different backgrounds and training to choose from. Although diverse in approach, they all share a sincere passion for what they do and for helping you! In addition to targeting the core, improving posture, range of motion and overall movement efficiency, Pilates helps connect the mind and the body at a deeper level, often requiring very precise instruction and focus both from the instructor and the student. Each one of our Instructors coaches with a technical eye on their student, paying close attention to each and every exercise, insuring that each movement is precise, effective and safe. And according to Kasper, "Although the workouts are challenging and focused, the time flies by. And unlike how I usually feel after a hard strength training workout, I feel worked, yet energized after each Pilates session!"

As summer ends and the kids get back to school, we naturally fall into a more structured routine. Now's the time to take a look at your goals and overall health, to examine your routine, and to start taking care of yourself more! And Pilates just may be what you need!

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