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Even though fitness plays a vital role in your health equation, it's only one variable in your overall wellness program. Proper nutrition, adequate rest, stress management and an understanding of exactly what is going on inside your unique body are equally important. Without these other essential ingredients, exercise alone won't make you healthy.

At Physical Focus, we believe our role is to help design and implement a comprehensive wellness program specific to you, and then to walk with you along your unique path toward optimal health. And to that end, we continually strive to add complimentary services and Health and Fitness Professionals to our Team. We are excited to announce our newest addition - Integrative Medicine with Dr. Michele Burklund.

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Dr. Michele Burklund, ND has joined the Physical Focus Team to provide customized naturopathic services. Dr. Burklund offers clients a full medical evaluation, highly specialized testing methods, and an individualized treatment program. By working collectively together, we are able to design and implement the most optimal and comprehensive wellness plan specifically for your needs and goals!

Whether your goal is to:

  • Move beyond a fitness plateau & maximize your progess
  • Improve your recovery time and reduce soreness
  • Increase your energy, clarity and focus
  • Learn what specific foods work for you and what to avoid
  • Take a comprehensive & holistic approach to your overall health

Dr. Michele Burklund is very passionate about natural medicine and has dedicated her life and career to helping people optimize their health. She believes in blending evidence-based medicine with ancient wisdom to create customized treatments for each unique client.

She received her undergraduate degree from Seattle University and pursued her Master's degree as well as additional training at Stanford University. Dr. Burklund attended the world-renowned Bastyr University's School of Naturopathic medicine where she received her Medical Degree and was the recipient of the Northwest Naturopathic Neuroscience scholarship for her research in plants for brain support.

Dr. Burklund also obtained additional clinical training in neurology, psychiatry, women's health and detoxification.

Contact: cellphone: (805) 770-2607

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