New Group Interval Class Starts This Week

New Small Group HIIT Class Starts This Week!
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9AM

You may DROP IN ANY TIME this week to try it out!

High (Relative) Intensity Interval Training

-Supplement Your Existing Workout Program
-Reach a higher level of fitness than ever before
-Maximize results in the shortest amount of time

Tired of your current cardio routine? Looking for a fun, new way to get your heart pumping? Look no further than our new HIIT class.

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is characterized by short bouts of high intensity activity followed by active rest. HIIT is scientifically proven to yield increases in muscle mass and metabolic rate, while decreasing body fat more effectively than traditional, steady state cardiovascular exercise, all in less time! This fat-blasting combination of cardiovascular and resistance training components is the perfect, efficient way to take your fitness regime to the next level!

Now, just because the class is "High Intensity", does not mean that it is high impact and appropriate only for those in great shape or the younger populations! On the contrary, this class is for ANYONE (All Ages and Abilities) who wants to time-effectively increase their fat burning capacity and cardiovascular fitness! Hence, we like to term our class as "High Relative Intensity", as each participant will give high intensity effort, RELATIVE to their own fitness goals, and we will modify the exercises to match each participant's unique abilities.

Although you may only be engaging in the "high (relative) intensity" portion of the workout for 5 minutes TOTAL during the class, the interwoven rest periods allow you to recover, then give your best effort time and time again. These near-maximal efforts cause an increase in growth hormone secretion, as well as EPOC (excess-post exercise oxygen consumption). This means that our HIIT workouts can increase your body"s muscle/tissue/bone health, all while helping you burn more calories throughout the rest of your day!

Classes will be 45 minutes long. Due to the high relative intensity, each class will include activation and soft tissue work on the muscles preceding the HIIT, as well as an adequate cool down protocol following. This comprehensive approach will ensure that your muscles are geared up to take on the HIIT, and recover properly afterwards to get the most out of your time!

If you are ready to experience a cutting-edge workout in a fun, encouraging, supportive group atmosphere, look no further! HIIT classes start this week and will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9AM.

Please contact us via or by phone:(805) 695-0450.

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