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Physical Focus Vitality
Since our inception in 1999, Physical Focus has strived to bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness. Today, we are taking another step toward our mission, because nothing is more important than the health and fitness of you and your family.

Introducing PF Vitality - our customized, holistic programming for optimal health, fitness and performance. We've been conditioned to wait until we have a problem, an illness, or an injury before seeking help and treatment. Instead, PF Vitality takes a proactive, preventative approach to minimize future risks and maximize potential for success, longevity and happiness.

--- Why live an unexceptional life, with fatigue, pain or less than optimal energy?
--- Why wait until you get sick or hurt to seek help and guidance?
--- Why accept feeling and looking unhealthy, unfit and lackluster?

It's time to take care of yourself and your children and set yourselves up for VITALITY!

What is PF Vitality?
--- Comprehensive Personalized Lifestyle Templates for optimal health, fitness and performance based on Science & Research
--- A Collaborating Team of Licensed Naturopathic Doctors, Doctors of Physical Therapy, Certified Fitness Professionals, Alternative Medicine Practitioners and Educators all working together for YOU
--- A 3 Step Approach to Holistic Health: Screen, Plan, Support

Pf Vitality is a leading-edge science and research based approach, not to be confused with what is more commonly understood as alternative methods of holistic health.

3 Steps to Vitality
Step 1. SCREEN.
Our Team of Naturopathic Doctors and Doctors of Physical Therapy provide state-of-the-art Screening Tools & Tests. The key to a successful and lasting outcome is to FIRST Identify the underlying causes contributing to poor health, pain, fatigue, injury, disease, diminished progress or sub-par performance.

Step 2. PLAN. Based on the results of our Screening Tools and combined with your goals, needs and interests, our Team works together to customize a comprehensive, holistic program including Fitness, Nutrition, Supplementation, Sleep, Stress Management and Integrative Medicine.

Step 3. SUPPORT. Coaching, Tracking, Training, Support Groups, Education, Buddy Systems or Group Classes - lasting behavioral change needs a support system to match your needs and interests!

It's Time
Contact us to learn more about PF Vitality and how we can help you start moving toward Optimal Health, Fitness, Longevity and Performance! It's time to take your first step. You and your family deserve it!
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