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Customized, holistic programming for optimal health, fitness and performance based on leading-edge science and research.

Test, Don't Guess

Our Vitality Approach starts here, utilizing the latest in Research and Scientific Tools. Because we believe in testing and not guessing when it comes to the health of you and your children, our Team of Naturopathic Doctors and Doctors of Physical Therapy use state-of-the-art Diagnostic and Preventative Tests. The key to a successful and lasting outcome is to FIRST identify the underlying causes contributing to poor health, pain, fatigue, injury, disease, diminished progress or sub-par performance.

Diagnostic & Preventative Testing
Genetics, lifestyle & environment are the critical components contributing to your current and future states of overall health. Diagnostic & Preventative Tests that screen for an extremely wide range of vital biomarkers provide our Naturopathic Doctors with a very clear picture of your Internal Health. Based on test results, our Doctors are able to prescribe a Comprehensive, Customized Treatment Plan that addresses your unique Genetics, Lifestyle and Environment. Our Naturopathic Doctors use all conventional laboratory methods, as well as a wide variety of functional tests including sex hormone, thyroid and adrenal status, gut health, gluten sensitivity, food allergens, inflammation, blood sugar, heart health,cholesterol, genetic testing, methylation, detoxification, cortisol, DHEA, heavy metals and fatty acid profiles. Learn More

Movement & Injury Prevention Assessments
Our Doctors of Physical Therapy conduct biomechanical and neuromuscular assessments to identify regions of the body that have movement dysfunction or asymmetries in muscle activation, and provide an objective measure of predictive value for injury prevention. Based on these findings, the therapists can prescribe corrective exercises to improve movement and reduce pain and they collaborate with our Personal Trainers to specifically target problematic areas to prevent injury. Learn More

Only when you know your exact Starting Point, can you effectively plan your path to success!

Key Players on our Wellness Team
- Naturopathic Doctors
- Doctors of Physical Therapy
- Nutritional Consultants
- Health Coaches
- Personal Trainers
- Fitness Professionals
- Bodywork Therapists
- Mind/Body Coaches

Role of Each Professional in our Vitality Center

Naturopathic Doctors
Through Diagnostic and Preventative Testing, our Naturopathic Doctors precisely determine your current state of internal health and design a comprehensive holisitic wellness program customized to your unique needs that includes diet, supplementation and lifestyle. They collaborate with our Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals and Health Coaches to insure that we implement the optimal Fitness Progam to maximize your results.

Doctors of Physical Therapy
Through Movement, Biomechanical and Injury Assessments our Doctors of Physical Therapy will identify specific movement dysfunctions and weak links in the body that can eventually lead to injury, poor results and decreased performance. Their Screening Tools determine exactly where to start and what to include in your Customized Fitness Program and are key to insuring that any movement dysfunctions are corrected before they could lead to bigger problems, pain or injury.

Nutritional Consultants
In collaboration with our Naturopathic Doctors, our Nutritional Consultants design, oversee and support a customized and balanced diet to match your unique needs and interests and accommodate any special restrictions determined by our Diagnostic Testing. We provide a variety of options to choose from to match your budget and interests, including one-on-one coaching, private consultations, mobile app programming, and support groups.

Health Coaches
Your Personal Health Coach will help define your individual goals, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and establish your starting point and where you want to end up. As your Coach, they walk step-by-step with you, providing the guidance, accountability and support you need to make lasting behavioral changes to support your new Vitality Program

Personal Trainers
Your Personal Trainer plays an integral role in the success of your Vitality Program. Our Personal Trainers design every component of your Customized Fitness Program including Strength, Power, Range of Motion, Cardio, Balance, Agility, Flexibility, Recovery & Body Maintenance. In collaboration with our Naturopathic Doctors and Physical Therapists, your Personal Trainer provides the guidance, support and accountability you need to achieve your fitness goals and maximize results and performance while minimizing risk of injury.

Fitness Professionals
We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality because ultimately, the best type of exercise is the one you like and make a long term commitment to. Whether it's Pilates, Yoga, Weight Training or a Group Exercise Class - we have Certified Fitness Professionals in a variety of disciplines to meet your needs. And we provide one-on-one training, small group training, gym memberships and group classes to match your interests and your budget.

Bodywork Therapists & Mind/Body Coaches
Taking care of yourself isn't just eating well and exercising. Equally important is taking care of your mind & body with regular body maintenance, stress management, sleep and recovery. Our Team of Licensed Therapists are Certified, Insured and Registered in a variety of disciplines such as Massage Therapy, Rolfing, Acupuncture, Movement Re-Patterning and Mind/Body Coaching. Our Wellness Team accomodates a wide range of needs and interests including deep relaxation; improved range of motion, recovery and performance; injury rehabilitation; trauma recovery; mind/body integration; stress reduction; behavioral change; and personal growth.

It's Time
Contact us to learn more about PF Vitality and how we can help you start moving toward Optimal Health, Fitness, Longevity and Performance! It's time to take your first step. You and your family deserve it!
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