Nutritional Consultations & Weight Loss Coaching Program

Nutrition is a vital component of our Holistic Health Equation and often a difficult obstacle in the path to Vitality. Our Nutritional Consultants will help you overcome the hurdles standing in your way of optimal health, performance and Vitality. In collaboration with our Naturopathic Doctors, our Nutritional Consultants design, oversee and support a customized and balanced diet to match your unique needs and interests and accommodate any special restrictions determined by our Diagnostic Testing.

Nurishing your body is about following a balanced nutritional program based on proven science, not a fad diet. Greg Zuffelato, Personal Trainer and Creator of the Nationally Recongized Weight Loss Program - Too Busy To Eat offers Customized Solutions to overcome the challenges you'll face when making lifestyle nutritional changes. Greg provides a variety of Nutritional Consulting Programs to choose from to match your individual budget and needs.

12 Week Weight Loss Program
- A One-on-One Nutrition Consultation to make sure you are set-up for maximum results.
- Personalized Meal Plan to match your dietary needs and maximize your weight loss.
- Mobile App (Apple and Android) with all your meal plans, shopping lists, weight tracker and more. Everything you need to experience amazing results...right at your fingertips!
- Private Online Community where you can ask questions, share your struggles, encourage and be encouraged, and have people to help you along the your weight loss journey. I'll personally be interacting in the Private Community daily.
- Daily Check-in via email and the Private Community to help you and answer your questions, but to also be an accountability partner for you.
- Unlimited Access to Too Busy To Eat Founder, Greg Zuffelato. It's like having a weight loss coach without the added expense.
Cost is $388 or 4 monthly payments of $97.

Learn more about our 12 Week Weight Loss Program - Click Here

1 on 1 Weight Loss Coaching
- Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions focused on tackling past issues with weight loss, overcoming roadblocks, education to guarantee permanent weight loss, and to provide accountability, support and encouragement along the journey.
- Everything in the 12-Week program is also included.
Cost is $597 a month.

Learn more about our 1 on 1 Coaching Program - Click Here

1 on 1 Nutritional Consultation
To evaluate your current eating and walk away with a realistic plan to make permanent and life-altering changes. This is best accomplished by performing a 3 day food/drink log and having our Nutritional Consultant analyze it before the Consultation.

1-on-1 Consultation Includes:
- Evaluation of your current eating habits & patterns
- Practical advice and tips on how to make adjustments for optimal health and performance
- Meal Plan Template to help create a healthy overall nutritional plan
- $100 / One Hour Private Session by Appointment

image title hereGreg Zuffelato

For over 20 years Greg has been investigating and researching everything related to fitness and nutrition. As a life-long learner, he holds a Master's degree in leadership, and was a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and earned a personal training certification through the National Association of Sports Medicine.

Currently Greg holds a CrossFit Level One trainer certification and is in the process of earning his Certified Sports Nutritionist certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. His continual investigation into the world of fitness and nutrition resulted in a bestselling book, I Believe Weight Loss, and the launch of a nutrition company called Too Busy To Eat -

Greg has worked with people in 10 different countries and continues to expand his reach. His goal is to rescue as many people as possible from the ravages of poor nutrition. The Too Busy To Eat program is based on scientific research and has changed thousands of lives. Let it change yours!

Contact: cellphone:(805) 689-6230

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