Start your Summer off with a Bang!... of Vitality

Introducing PF Vitality - our evidence-based, customized, holistic programming for optimal health, fitness and performance. We've been conditioned to wait until we have a problem, an illness, or an injury before seeking help and treatment. Instead, PF Vitality takes a proactive, preventative approach to minimize future risks and maximize potential for success, longevity and happiness.

--- Why live an unexceptional life, with fatigue, pain or less than optimal energy?
--- Why wait until you get sick or hurt to seek help and guidance?
--- Why accept feeling and looking unhealthy, unfit and lackluster?

It's time to take care of yourself and your children and set yourselves up for VITALITY!

Test, Don't Guess

Our Vitality Approach starts here, utilizing the latest in Research and Scientific Tools. Because we believe in testing and not guessing when it comes to the health of you and your children, our Team of Naturopathic Doctors and Doctors of Physical Therapy use state-of-the-art Diagnostic and Preventative Tests. The key to a successful and lasting outcome is to FIRST identify the underlying causes contributing to poor health, pain, fatigue, injury, disease, diminished progress or sub-par performance.

Diagnostic & Preventative Testing
Genetics, lifestyle & environment are the critical components contributing to your current and future states of overall health. Diagnostic & Preventative Tests that screen for an extremely wide range of vital biomarkers provide our Naturopathic Doctors with a very clear picture of your Internal Health. Based on test results, our Doctors are able to prescribe a Comprehensive, Customized Treatment Plan that addresses your unique Genetics, Lifestyle and Environment. Our Naturopathic Doctors use all conventional laboratory methods, as well as a wide variety of functional tests including sex hormone, thyroid and adrenal status, gut health, gluten sensitivity, food allergens, inflammation, blood sugar, heart health,cholesterol, genetic testing, methylation, detoxification, cortisol, DHEA, heavy metals and fatty acid profiles. Learn More

Step 1
Personal Case Review Initial Consultation

Goal: Gain a comprehensive health history, perform pertinent physical exams, and gain understanding of the environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors affecting your health, fitness, performance and vitality.

Fee: $350 Adults; $300 Children

- 75 to 90 minute one-on-one consultation with Drs. Birch ND
- Determine specific Diagnostic and Preventative Health Tests to order
- Review medical history, previous lab work, present state of health, existing health conditions, exercise routine, current diet, supplements and medications
- Obtain your individual concerns, goals, interests and needs and all baseline information necessary to begin formulating your Personalized Holistic Vitality Program
- Schedule the Vitality Program Initial Follow Up Consultation/Treatment Plan

Step 2
Vitality Program Initial Follow Up Consultation/Treatment Plan

Goal: Further understand your current health status, and provide initial treatment plan of Comprehensive Personal Vitality Program

Fee: $275 Adults; $225 Children

- occurs once diagnostic lab results have been received and reviewed, usually within 10-14 days of personal case review initial consultation
- 60 minute one-on-one consultation with Drs. Birch
- Review results of all diagnostic tests and order potential additional diagnostic testing if necessary
- Review your new personalized dietary, exercise and lifestyle recommendations
- Formulate initial phase treatment plan towards healing and optimal health
- Outline your customized natural medicinal plan
- Schedule for follow-up consultation, 2-12 weeks depending on treatment necessity

Step 3
Follow Up Consultations:
on an as-needed basis throughout Vitality Treatment Plan.
30 or 60 Minute Follow-up Consultations will depend on the complexity of your Individual Treatment Program.

Review Plan, Monitor Progress and Modify Vitality Program as needed

- 30 or 60 Minute one-on-one consultation with Drs. Birch ND depending on complexity of your Individual Treatment Program
- Review health status and progress
- Order necessary follow up lab work and diagnostic testing if necessary
- Review Natural Medicinal and Lifestyle Plan and modify as needed
- Schedule for follow up as needed

Fee - 60 Minute: $250 adults, $200 children
Fee - 30 Minute: $175 Adults; $135 Children

Note: 60 Minute In-Depth Follow Up Consultations: For more involved Treatment Plans, one hour follow up consultations with Drs. Birch ND may be necessary to review more vital information and create a more in-depth treatment plan.

Diagnostic & Preventative Health Tests

Drs. Birch, ND utilize all conventional laboratory methods, as well as the following functional tests for further diagnosis and optimizing overall health in adults and children.

- Cardiometabolic profile - an advanced cholesterol panel, including lipid particle test, inflammatory markers and blood sugar markers for further insight into heart health and monitoring heart disease reversal.

- Hormone profile - male and female hormone panels, especially important for gathering baseline information and guiding effective treatment. The comprehensive thyroid profile including antibodies and reverse T3 is also important for anyone with potential/ongoing thyroid issues.

- Micronutrient profile - This special assay can assess your levels of the most important vitamins/minerals/nutrients - it can be really helpful for chronic disease patients but also to give more information into optimizing performance and general health.

- Methylation, Detoxification, and other genetic testing - mapping our genome has created much insight into genetic variations we all commonly have. We may have mutations with no symptoms, but it is good to know to protect our genetics for the future. It is especially important to test if you have anxiety, depression, insomnia, repeating miscarriage, blood clotting issues, and behavioral issues.

- Cortisolx4/DHEA - this is especially important for people with chronic fatigue/insomnia as well as getting a baseline for adrenal dysfunction.

- Urine Heavy Metals - this is the standard test for anyone who wants to test current exposure as well as built up stores of heavy metals in their body. We all have a certain amount of heavy metals stored, but some we are not able to handle as well as others. Heavy metals can contribute to a variety of conditions including autoimmune and immune dysfunction, brain fog, inflammation, behavioral issues, and many other conditions. For many doctors this is important to get a baseline before any type of detoxification. Dr. Jonathan Birch and Dr. Dena Birch are both trained in heavy metal chelation whether it be IV or oral.

- IgG food sensitivity test/Candida/Celiac - These three can be run together or separately. If you are reacting to foods and you may be averse to trying an elimination diet, the IgG panel is a great way to begin to find out which foods may be giving you issues. Candida is important to run for people with chronic bloating, brain fog, loose stools, etc. A celiac test is also important to run for anyone with gluten intolerance, frequent diarrhea, difficulty gaining weight, and autoimmune.

- CSDA/CPx3 - these two are standard stool tests for anyone with possible infection in their gastrointestinal system or malabsorption. CSDA is a comprehensive stool diagnostics assay; CPx3 is a comprehensive parasitology test.

- Essential Fatty Acid Profile - it is so important to have a good balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in your body. This test can help to guide supplementation properly, which can help a lot of chronic skin issues and emotional issues.

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