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Vitality Well-Check

Similar to an Annual Check-Up with your Doctor, our Vitality Well-Check is about Preventative Care, and looking at the big picture of your overall health and well-being. Instead of being focused solely on problems, or waiting to seek help when your pain, limitations or suffering exceed your threshold for frustration, dispair or discomfort; PF Vitality is a Preventative and Wholeness Approach for optimizing your overall health, fitness, longevity and performance. We believe in living a life full of vitality, not mediocrity.

We have a team of experts ready to work with you in each specific area of Vitality - Naturopathic Doctors, Doctors of Physical Therapy, Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Nutrition Consultants, Fitness Instructors, Mind/Body Therapists. But we need to know the best place to start!

The Vitality Well-Check is a chance for us to sit down together, to discuss your unique goals, needs and interests, and assess your current lifestyle, fitness and health so that we can precisely create your Personalized Holistic Map, and determine the best place to begin, and the most effective path to follow. It's the first step in the process to living your best life!

And you don't have to tackle everything at once - we can start with what's most important for you and then take a simple step-by-step approach that you are comfortable with, that matches your time and financial needs, and that's easy and doable, not overwhelming.

8 Components of Vitality

- Nutrition:Diet of natural foods; Avoiding nutritional deficiencies; Natural supplementation; Gut health; Eliminate toxins & food allergies

- Movement: Exercise; Proper Movement Mechanics; Eliminate Pain; Bodywork; Injury Prevention; Active Lifestyle

- Hormones: Hormonal Balance and Sufficiency

- Environment: Clean Air and Water; Sunlight

- Daily Rhythm: Sufficient Sleep; Rest & Recovery; Sleep Patterns

- Stress Management: Relaxation; Mindfulness; Meditation; Techniques to Balance Sympathetic with Parasympathetic Nervous Systems

- Connection: Love; Relationships; Community

- The 3 P's: Passion; Purpose; Pleasure

Addressing each of these 8 Ingredients is essential to living your best life! Yet we are conditioned to wait until something goes wrong before we seek help or guidance. And then, we often reach for a bandaid or a quick superficial fix of the symptoms instead of treating the actual cause. But if we start along a holistic wellness path by addressing each of these components, we can avoid the pitfalls and disappointments awaiting us when certain aspects of health are ignored or too much energy is focused in one area at the expense of the others.

Vitality Well-Check
A 30 minute one-on-one consultation to review youur lifestyle, current state of health, and how you are doing with each of the 8 ingredients of our Vitality Equation so that we can determine the best place to start!
Rate: $50
Introductory Special - FREE for the First 5 Vitality Well-Check sign ups.
If you miss out on this opportunity, no worries. The next 10 Well-Check sign ups will receive a $25 credit toward any PF Vitality service of your choice.

Schedule a Vitality Well-Check so that we can help you live your best life!

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