New Online Dispensary for Natural Medicinal Supplementation just for YOU

Natural Medicinal Supplementation

PF Vitality supports eating a balanced diet based on whole, natural foods and avoiding nutritional deficiencies through high quality, Personalized Natural Medicinal Supplementation.

In that pursuit, we've partnered with Naturopathic Doctors Jonathan and Dena Birch in setting up an online dispensary of the highest quality natural medicinals. Products in this dispensary are validated for manufacturing, product quality and purity testing. Orders are processed and shipped the same day they are received and will arrive at your home within a few days. We've also built in a 'forever' 10% discount to all PF clients and their friends/family that sign up over the next 30 days.

Don't waste your money and efforts on cheap vitamins and supplements found at your local grocery store. Often, they contain impurities, cheaper forms of the beneficial nutrients you are seeking, and lower amounts than their labels claim.

To help you get started on your personal path to Vitality, Drs. Birch have generously created several categories of baseline recommendations for different age ranges - Children newborn to 6 yrs old; Children 7-18 years old; and General Adult Preventative Health.

Please note that these categories contain products that have been hand selected for their effectiveness and quality, however they are simply general recommendations. But supplementation isn't a one size fits all equation - each of us has unique health needs based on our current state of health, age, genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors. If you would like a comprehensive & personalized Holistic Medicinal Support Plan, or you have any medical concerns, including clotting issues or are taking any blood thinners, please make an appointment with Drs Birch to learn specifically what dosage amounts and products would work best for you to help heal your current health conditions and maximize your Vitality!

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In addition to Drs Birch suggestions, you may search the entire online dispensary for any products that you are currently purchasing online or at your local health food store. If you can't find what you are looking for, please note that this dispensary carries only manufacturers and products that meet certain quality and purity standards. So if yours isn't on their list, its probably not worth buying.

STEPS TO ACCESS THE PF Vitality Medicinal Dispensary AND RECEIVE a forever - 10% discount ON ALL YOUR NATURAL MEDICINAL NEEDS
1. Visit PF Vitality Medicinal Dispensary
2. Create a free account with just your name, email and password.
3. Once logged in, along the top of page, under Product Catalog, click -All categories-.
4. Select your specific category of interest.
5. Browse/shop from a list of recommended products.

We also encourage you to share this online dispensary and our 10% discount offer with friends, family and anyone you care about!

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