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Physical Focus has always prided itself in having the finest fitness studio with the highest quality equipment, and, of course, the best clientele in town.  PF now proudly offers its members a discounted rate for the best over-the-counter insoles available: Superfeet.

Superfeet insoles made their name in the footwear industry by selling a quality product over the last 30 years.  Superfeet recently unveiled a new line of insoles that is sure to give custom-made orthotics a run for their money.  The newest additions to Superfeet’s line are gender-specific insoles which are not offered by other orthotic makers.  Superfeet insoles are available for many types of footwear including running/athletic, cycling, snowboarding/skiing, golf, casual, and high heels.  These new additions and others set Superfeet far ahead of any other aftermarket insole manufacturer around.

Custom-made orthotics have been a common solution to many foot and other biomechanical problems for years.  They can cost as much as $500.00 and patients often complain that their customs are too heavy and/or not very comfortable.  Superfeet bridges the gap between custom orthotics and their insoles for a fraction of the cost.  There are three main types of feet: normal or neutral arch, low arch or pronated, and high arch or supinated.  People who have a pronated arch typically require an orthotic be made to help support the foot and align and/or prevent knee, foot, and back injuries from occurring.  Superfeet’s line of insoles will help keep your feet in a neutral position, helping resolve current injuries and prevent future injuries.  They are designed with arch support in the right places to fit a variety of shoes.  People who have neutral or high arches can benefit as well; the support Superfeet provide will prevent flattening of the arches and stabilize the foot.  Optimal foot position = optimum performance.

View the discounted price list for all Superfeet Products.  There is a limited supply available now at PF and all are available to order from your local Superfeet dealer: Dave Everett, MSPT.

Visit www.Superfeet.com for more information.


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