Last Chance to Join our Full, Not Frantic - Training the Brain Class

Full, Not Frantic: Training the Brain for Inner Calm and Outer Results

We had a very successful first class last week with 13 participants. The responses were overwhelmingly POSITIVE! If you were hoping to take part but missed our first week, it's not too late. But you'll need to show up tonight, otherwise, you'll be too far behind the rest of the class. So please let me know if you'd like to join us tonight at 7PM at Physical Focus. Send me a text message at (805) 708-5185.

Class Information:
Be more present and purposeful. In this highly interactive and experiential course you will learn the skill of focusing and taking action on what is most important in the face of daily distractions and anxieties. This skill is the foundation of having the life you want and enjoying the life you have. You will learn how to bring your attention to the present moment, work with challenging emotions and limiting beliefs, let go of behaviors that do not work, and develop habits that support a healthy and fulfilling life. Based in the latest research on the brain, human performance, and happiness, this course will have immediate applications to your work, your relationships, and the overall quality of your life.

Physical Focus

8 consecutive Tuesday nights from 7-8:30pm beginning October 27th

$240 / Person
$160 / 2nd Person in Same Household

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