Vitality - It's Our Choice!

Vitality is living a life full of energy and enthusiasm, with a focus on reaching our highest levels of wellness and well-being. Rather than focusing only on illness, disease or pain, or on singular components of wellness, or on specific parts of the body, Vitality considers the whole person and all aspects of our health and well-being.

Our Vitality goal is to achieve maximum well-being with every system functioning the very best that is possible. The whole is comprised of interdependent parts and systems. When one part or system isn't working optimally, it impacts all our other parts or systems.

Health is far more than just not being sick, or injured, or suffering from disease or pain. It's an ongoing process, a lifestyle with a personal commitment toward making choices that promote well being and wellness. No matter what our current state of health, or our age and abilities, we can improve our level of well-being. Even when no illness or pain is present, we still have a lot of room for improvement.

According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the key factors that influence our state of health are:
Quality of Medical Care - 10%
Heredity - 18%
Environment - 19%
Everyday Lifestyle Choices - 53%

Hence, how we feel and live, and the majority of our diseases and pain are the result of our lifestyle choices. The choices we make everyday impact our quality of life, now and in the future! And the sooner we begin integrating those healthy choices into our lives, the better.

Our Vitality Project is about exploring which everyday actions we should keep, and which ones we should discard. It's about discovering where we are out of balance and where we need to focus more energy to improve. It's about looking at the whole picture and figuring out what new lifestyle choices we can integrate. It's about following a comprehensive lifestyle program that moves us toward maximum well-being, longevity, performance and wellness!

And it starts with accepting that what we do each day truly ALLOWS us or PREVENTS us from having VITALITY - an energy and enthusiasm for life! IT'S OUR CHOICE!

Vitality Check
A Complimentary 30 minute one-on-one consultation to review each ingredient of your current state of health and determine the best place to start!

We have a team of experts to work with you in each specific area of Vitality - Naturopathic Doctors, Doctors of Physical Therapy, Wellness Coaches, Fitness Trainers and Alternative Medicine Practitioners. Similar to an Annual visit to your Doctor, the Vitality Check is our chance to sit down together, look at your current state of health; assess your goals, needs and interests; and examine all the key components of Optimal Health & Vitality including Nutrition, Movement, Fitness, Injuries/Medical Conditions, Hormones, Environment, Sleep, Recovery and Stress Management.

Our Vitality Check tells us what aspects of health you could do better with, helps us outline your Customized Holistic Program, and determines the best place for us to start. And we don't have to tackle everything at once - we can start with what's most important for you and then take a simple step-by-step approach that you are comfortable with, and that's easy and doable, not overwhelming.

Schedule a Vitality Check so that we can maximize your efforts toward well-being and wellness and help you live your best life! Email: or schedule an appointment online below.

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