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Vitality is living a life full of energy and enthusiasm, with a focus on reaching optimal health and our highest levels of wellness and well-being. Rather than focusing only on illness, disease or pain, or on singular components of wellness, or on specific parts of the body, Vitality considers the whole person and all aspects of our health and well-being.

We've built a complete in-house Wellness Team and designed a Vitality Template comprised of specific elements that when incorporated regularly into your lifestyle, will promote optimal health, well-being, performance and longevity. Each component is science and evidence-based and the compilation covers all aspects of health, including physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health.

Gratitude practice You can practice being grateful for an action or a gesture, for the presence of someone in your life, or just for your existence. It is as simple as stopping a few times a day, intentionally paying attention to what is happening internally and externally, and connecting with the sensations of gratitude. You could even experiment with a gentle smile if you are feeling really daring. Practice Reminder: Look beneath the turbulence. There is so much that poses a challenge to well-being in the world -- violence, prejudice, oppression, illness, injury, and loss. And yet, there is something within us that remains resilient, invincible, and open-hearted in the presence of it all. Take a moment several times today to breathe and connect with the stillness beneath the waves. Practicing unconditional well-being is a gift to others -- this practice allows you to create a tiny oasis of calm in the storm of modern society.

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