2016 Announcements, Improvements, Classes Enrolling Now!!!

Remodel! New Equipment! Additional Space for Memberships, Training and Classes!

In our endless pursuit to build a Community You Trust to provide the guidance, accountability and support you need to reach new goals and push beyond what you could ever do alone - we are super excited to launch into 2016 with improvements that will enhance your overall experience at Physical Focus!

We will be remodeling, adding new fitness equipment and changing the overall layout upstairs to create additional floor space to accommodate Private Training, Memberships and Group Classes while also providing a private, secluded area for Pilates.

Our Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Consulting and Integrative Medicine Services will remain on-site and available by appointment.

Join a Group Class to supplement your existing Private Training, or utilize the support of a group and the expertise of a Trainer to go beyond your limitations and take your Gym Routine to a higher level.

These enhancements will make room for a few more participants in the following classes already being held at Physical Focus.

Total Fitness Circuit Training Class
6 - 7 PM Mondays & Wednesdays - 1st Floor

Our Total Fitness Circuit Training is a Movement-Based, Total Body Strength and Interval Training Class appropriate for all ages and abilities. Designed to safely and effectively challenge each individual regardless of training level & experience, this class features a variety of training techniques designed to deliver a maximally efficient, full body workout covering all the main components of fitness. Exercises will be modified to match each individual's needs, utilizing Physio Balls, Resistance Bands, Bodyweight Exercises and Dynamic Movement Patterns to provide a Comprehensive Workout in only one hour!

$20 Members
$25 Non-members

Core Fitness, Movement & Recovery
10 - 11 AM Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - 2nd Floor

Core Fitness is a fast paced, yet low impact fitness class comprised of a variety of disciplines designed to incorporate all areas of fitness.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the class addresses Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Strength, Bone Loading, Range of Motion, Core Stability and Flexibility. Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Gravity Trainers and Resistance Bands are used in combination with mat-work, functional movement patterns and bodyweight exercises to deliver a safe, fun and effective workout for all ages and abilities.

Fridays are focused on Self-Care and Recovery as we combine Soft-Tissue Rolling, Stretching and Yoga Poses to enhance tissue density, range of motion, postural awareness, relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation.

$20 Members
$25 Non-members

Zumba Fitness Dance Class
5 - 6 PM Every other Thursday - 2nd Floor

Zumba is all about fun and fitness, with easy to follow movements choreographed to Latin inspired music. Back from giving birth to her first child, Hazel, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Zumba Instructor Melody Delshad is excited to relaunch her favorite class. Melody has been teaching Zumba for several years and says Zumba doesn't get old and is the most fun she's ever had exercising in the gym. She's focused on making each class non-intimidating, appropriate for all ages and abilities, low impact, high energy, and an absolute blast!

If you want to make exercise more fun, are interested in sprucing up your fitness routine while learning a few new dance moves, or were a big fan of jazzercise many moons ago, then it's time to give Zumba a try!

$18 Members
$20 Non-members

Join a Group Class to supplement your existing Private Training, or utilize the support of a group and the expertise of a Trainer to go beyond your limitations and take your Gym Routine to a higher level.

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