Our 16 Year Evolution and our Mission for 2016

Over our 16 years, we have evolved into far more than just another gym or health club. We understand that Total Health is comprised of physical, mental, emotional/social and spiritual components, and believe that Physical Health is the foundation for all the other constituents - hence our name PHYSICAL FOCUS.

When we take care of our Physical Health, through strategic Movement, Exercise, Recovery and Nutrition, we CULTIVATE ENERGY. And when we focus our ENERGY on what's most important to us, we achieve optimal health and well-being.

At Physical Focus, we consider Movement and Exercise as the most powerful stimulators of energy production available to the body. But that is just part of the equation. The key to optimal health and well-being is to Expand, to Balance, and to Focus our Energy toward what matters most to us in each moment.

- Strategic and regular exercise that challenges our capacity and addresses all the essential components of physical health
- Eat a healthy diet comprised of natural foods that eliminates toxins and food allergies, and promotes gut health
- Lead an active lifestyle, substituting movement and mobility for sustained sitting
- Maintain a supple, mobile and capable body of healthy weight and composition

- Daily rhythm with sufficient sleep, rest and recovery cycles
- Eliminate or minimize impact from pain, disease and sickness
- Achieve hormonal balance and sufficiency
- Manage stress and maintain a positive outlook on life
- Address all the components of health - Physical, Mental, Emotional/Social & Spiritual

- Mindfulness & self-awareness training
- Connect with our passion, purpose and joy
- Learn how to direct our attention on what matters most

It's a three part, integrated system, that starts with the Physical Component of Energy but with the understanding that we must address each component of energy because they are interdependent on one another.

And when we succeed with expanding, balancing and focusing our energy, we don't simply survive, we thrive!

One of the most powerful tools we have in directing our energy toward what is most important, and aligning our lives with our values and goals is our BRAIN. Learning how to train our brain to refocus on what matters most is a skill that can be learned. It's based on science. And it's this ability to focus our energy exactly where we want to, that is the key to well-being and living our best lives!

What: 8 Week Course held on Tuesday Evenings

When: 7 - 8:30 PM March 29 - May 16, 2016.

Where: Physical Focus

With: Dave Mochel, CEO of Applied Attention and an internationally recognized speaker, teacher and coach.

Cost: $240 per person; $160 per second person in same household.

Registration: Register via prepayment and sign up at Physical Focus or via email to physicalfocus@gmail.com.

Limited Space: Space is limited so register early as we expect this class to fill. Scholarships may be made available if space permits.

Details:Life is full of demands and distractions. The ability to REFOCUS changes everything. The key to overall well-being and optimal health is consistently putting your attention and energy into what matters most.

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