Yoga, Pilates, and Circuit Group Classes

Our semi-private classes will be SMALL in size and BIG in personal instruction! We will provide a variety of classes to cover all your fitness needs and interests.Please contact the Instructor to reserve a spot as class size will be limited and non-members will be welcome too! All classes will be conducted upstairs and you can pick and choose whatever class or classes you'd like to attend each week or month.

Monday 12:15-1:15 pm Vinyasa Yoga with Nora
Monday 6-7 pm Strength & Cardio Circuit with Sloane
Tuesday 6-7 pm Vinyasa Yoga with Amy
Wednesday 5-6 pm Pilates Mat with Jamie
Wednesday 6-7 pm Strength & Cardio Circuit with Sloane
Thursday 6-7 pm Vinyasa Yoga with Amy
Friday 12:15-1:15 pm Vinyasa Yoga with Nora

Details of each class are below:

Strength & Cardio Class: This class will focus on both your cardiovascular and physical shape. We will incorporate functional movements, strength movements and cardiovascular exercise to fill the hour with every tool your body needs to perform at it's maximum potential. The class will be designed for the beginner and intermediate client that is looking for a motivated group of individuals to help each other accomplish their weekly workouts. Contact Sloane: (805) 279-1084

Vinyasa Yoga: Multi level Vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on alignment and breath. Improve flexibility, increase strength, and free your mind while enjoying great music. Learn to move with clarity and grace both on and off the mat. Contact Amy: (805) 452-5943 for Tuesday/Thursday class or Nora (858)342-4031 for Monday/Friday class.

Pilates Mat: This class will strengthen and stabilize the core, while increasing the flexibility, strength and functional mobility of your joints. A terrific way to counteract the natural effects of aging and poor posture, it compliments all types of fitness programs. For the general population, the core strength, posture and mobility gained from Pilates will enable the safe execution of every day activities. For athletes, amateur and professional, Pilates will make the core strong and stable to handle the large forces generated by the legs and arms during their sport. Contact Jamie: (805) 252-1377

Monthly Rates

Individual Class = $25 Members, $30 Nonmembers
Package of 4 Classes = $100
Package of 10 Classes = $200

*All monthly class packages expire at the end of each month. Just pick and choose whatever class or classes you'd like to attend!
Please contact the instructor to reserve your spot in class. Only a limited number of clients will be allowed in each class so we can provide lots of hands on attention. Non-members are welcome and all classes will be held upstairs.
Amy (805) 452-5943 ; Sloane (805) 279-1084 ; Jamie (805) 252-1377; Nora (858)342-4031.


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