Breathe Better: Unlocking the Muscles of Respiration and Stability - Friday 12-1:15

Breathe Better: Unlocking the Muscles of Respiration and Stability.
Friday April 1, 2016 at 12-1:15pm

An essential component to longevity, overall health and well-being is what I refer to as the 3 R's - Rest, Recovery, Replenish. A daily rhythm of Rest and Recovery will Replenish our energy, so that we can direct our Energy toward whatever matters most to us!

Breathing is vital to the 3 R's, and how we breathe is paramount to our fitness, performance and overall energy! Over time, our habits, posture and even our workouts can tighten and shorten our muscle tissue, and wreak havoc on how we breathe and our ability to breathe fully. This class will teach us how to use The Roll Model® Method, Yoga, and Corrective Exercise to achieve optimum breath capacity, in addition to stabilizing our spine and core, while improving our overall function in life and in sport.

Learning these techniques will empower us to take care of ourselves, by developing a deeper understanding of our muscles and fascia. In addition, we will restore healthy joint mobility, and learn tools for self-relaxation and stress management. The goal is to leave this workshop with a new knowledge of self-care that can be done at home, in the gym, or when traveling. This class is suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

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Emily K. Benaron

Background: Emily K. Benaron is an E-RYT 500, A Licensed Massage Therapist, A NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, and is certified in The Roll Model® Method -The Science of Rolling and The Roll Model® Method- Ball Sequencing and Innovation.

Contact: cellphone:(805)453-2805

Please contact Emily for any questions and to reserve your spot!

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RECOVERY & SELF CARE will include a combination of the following: Therapy ball self massage; Assisted, guided stretching and mobility work; Yoga Therapy; Breath and mindfulness practices. This self-care class will teach you self-massage and mobility techniques that you can use at home, when traveling or at the gym. Empower yourself by understanding your body better while you learn to take care of your muscles and fascia, develop healthy joint mobility, breathe better, recover quicker from your workouts, and relax. We will focus on areas of the body that are often the source of reoccurring pain, habitual movement, weakness, and tension.

Therapy Ball Self Massage
Therapy Ball Self Massage is designed to nourish, hydrate, and detoxify muscle tissue and fascia; release tension and reduce muscle soreness; increase range of motion; improve lymphatic flow; encourage healthier breathing patterns; and give our immune system a boost. It also is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Mobility Work
Mobility Work supports our joints and helps us to move better in our bodies. Mobility work enhances workouts, helps to create safe functional movement patterns, and helps us maintain flexibility.

Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy combines ancient healing tools and modern science to help establish healthy patterns for healing and to reconnect us with our fullest potential for optimal health.

Breath and Mindfulness
Breath and mindfulness increase mental focus, calm the nervous system and reduce stress. We will learn specific breathing practices to immediately initiate the recovery process, improve mental clarity, and down regulate our nervous system. This portion of our recovery also includes specific techniques for unlocking muscles associated with breathing resulting in more expansive breath capacity and overall wellness.

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