It's Possible to Live Fully, with Balance & Energy!

We believe time spent in the 'gym' has a bigger purpose. That what starts with improving our physical fitness can transcend into taking care of other parts of our health. A step toward what really matters most to us. Values. Goals. Commitments. All the things we love to do. Because we believe it's possible to live fully, with balance and energy to do whatever is most important to us. And we believe that taking care of our physical health is the foundation of all the other components - mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

The common thread is Energy. When we address our Physical Health through Movement & Exercise, Rest & Recovery, and Diet & Nutrition; we Expand our Energy Capacity. And when we Manage, Balance and Focus that Energy toward our goals, values and whatever matters most to us - we do far more than just survive, we THRIVE!

Are you completely 100% content? If so, then read no further. Otherwise...

What Resonates with You?

I want more! Energy! Balance! Vitality! But I'm not sure what that means, or where and how to start.
A Personal Head Coach is for you! Having your own Personal Head Coach will help define your individual goals, determine your strengths and weaknesses and what areas of your overall health might need more balance, and establish your starting point and where you want to end up. Your Head Coach will design, coordinate, oversee and walk step-by-step with you, providing the guidance, accountability and support you need to make lasting lifestyle and behavioral changes to support your overall Performance and Well-Being Program.

I'm interested in boosting my performance or current level of fitness!
Sounds like it's time for some Personal Training! A Trainer plays an integral role in the success of any Program. Our Trainers provide the guidance, accountability, motivation and support you need to achieve your fitness goals and maximize results and performance while minimizing risk of injury.

I want to shake things up a bit, try something new, find a way to exercise that feels good while I am doing something good for me.
Pilates, Pilates, Pilates! People of all ages and abilities love Pilates because of the way they feel during and after. It has a dynamic flow that enhances and connects us with our breathing, range of motion, core strength and coordination.

I'm living day-to-day with less energy, balance and enthusiasm than I'd like to have! I am surviving, but I want more.
Based on the latest research in neuroscience and human behavior, Well-Being Coach Dave Mochel teaches us how to direct our energy and attention toward what matters most to us - our goals, values, relationships and commitments. Dave provides group classes, seminars and private coaching.

I'm struggling with pain, injury or discomfort! It seems like I always get injured when I exercise!
Through Movement Screens, Biomechanical and Injury Assessments, Doctor of Physical Therapy Steve Politis DPT identifies specific movement dysfunctions and weak links in the body that can eventually lead to injury, poor results and decreased performance. His Screening Tools determine exactly where to start and what to include in your Fitness & Performance Program and are key to insuring that any movement dysfunctions are corrected before they could lead to bigger problems, pain or injury.

I'm serious about taking care of myself, my whole self! I want an in-depth look at my whole health and a complete, preventative care program!
Through in-depth diagnostic and preventative testing with a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, you will learn precisely about your current state of internal health, and receive a comprehensive wellness program customized to your unique needs that includes diet, natural supplementation and lifestyle. It's about taking a proactive approach to your health care, versus the more typical sick-care model, and maximizing your efforts toward performance, longevity and well-being.

I'm confused about how and what I should eat, and I struggle with my diet and weight!
Nutritional Consultant & Coach Greg Zuffelato, designs, oversees and supports customized and balanced diets to match each individual's unique needs and interests and accommodate any special restrictions if determined by our Naturopathic Medical Doctor's Diagnostic Testing. Greg provides a variety of consulting options to choose from to match each budget and interest, including one-on-one coaching, private consultations, mobile app programming, and social support groups.

I'm bored and stagnant. I want exercise to be more fun and energizing!
Group Classes energize your routine with Community, Camaraderie & Support. Our group classes are not of the one-size-fits-all, follow-the-leader variety. Instead, they are smaller in size, and bigger on personal attention. They are led by Certified Trainers and customized to your unique needs and abilities. We provide Zumba, Circuit Training, Self-Care & Recovery, and Yoga Classes!

I need to take better care of my body. I'm tight, noticing loss of mobility, and don't seem to recover as quickly after playing my sport or working out.
Taking care of yourself isn't just eating well and exercising. Of equal importance is taking care of your body with regular body maintenance, sleep and recovery. Our Team of Licensed Therapists are Certified, Insured and Registered in a variety of disciplines such as Massage Therapy, Rolfing, Acupuncture and Movement Re-Patterning to accomodates a wide range of needs and interests including deep relaxation; improved range of motion, recovery and performance; injury rehabilitation; trauma recovery; and mind/body integration.

COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT - Please contact me with any questions or interests you have with any of the offerings mentioned above. I am happy and willing to meet with you to discuss how we can help you!

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