SMARTER - Train Smarter not harder!

We are all athletes! Playing whatever game is most important to us. Whether our game is family, career, community service, competitive sports, travel, playing with our children or grandchildren, or simply enjoying life to the fullest! Whatever we love to do - our performance on game day reflects our level of conditioning, the quality of our preparation. How we train and what we practice.

That's why our time training has a bigger and broader purpose than the training itself. That's why our time practicing extends beyond the practice. Each sets us up for game-time performance!

It's how we stay in the game.
It's how we raise the bar of our capabilities.
It's how in crunch-time, we are able to remain focused on what really matters most to us - our goals, values, relationships and commitments.

In 1998, I read Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. One particular story that resonated with me was about fitting rocks into a jar. About the importance of putting the big rocks in first,(what's most important to us in life) before adding the smaller pebbles and sand (all the other things in life). If you don't start with the big rocks, you'll never fit them into the jar. I've done my best to live aligned with this message ever since!

Since 1999, when my brother Kasper and I opened Physical Focus with the intent of bridging the gap between healthcare and fitness, I've been coaching and training athletes of all ages, abilities, needs, interests and goals. I've taken what I've learned over the last two decades in my health and fitness career, and combined it with my own personal experience and more recently with the latest research in neuroscience, to create an acronym I utilize as a Template for daily living. The goal - to live a balanced, energetic, purposeful and high performance life.

SMARTER. Each letter stands for the first letter of a component that I incorporate into my life, each and every day. And each component is based on the latest in science and evidence.

S -SOCIAL CONNECTIONS within a meaningful community that provides a sense of belonging, support and purpose. 

M - MOVEMENT for the body and brain; Daily exercises for our mental and physical muscles.

A - AWARENESS Based Practices that calm the body, mellow the mind, open our hearts, and connect us with what matters most.

R - REST & RECOVERY - A daily rhythm of sleep, rest and recovery to replenish and restore our energy.

T - TREAT ourselves with compassion, and others with empathy, kindness and gratitude.

E - EAT & ENVIRONMENT - Eat whole, natural foods, to stabilize our blood sugar levels, while balancing taste & pleasure with nutritional value. Minimize toxins and poisons in our environment; our air, food, water and products we use.

R - REFOCUS our energy and attention toward what is most important to us - our values, goals, commitments and relationships.

I've been practicing and training SMARTER since October of last year. To me, it's practical, scientific and doable. And it resonates with my belief that gym time is about far more than the workout itself, and it's only one component of the larger equation. Over the next few months, I will expand on each Component and if you are interested in integrating SMARTER into your life, please let me know. I'd love to help you!

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