New Life Performance Camp


A lifestyle camp for longevity, total health, well being and high performance!

Far more than a jumpstart to fitness, our Life Performance Camp will be comprehensive, covering all the essential components of fitness, performance and overall health, with the goal of making lasting lifestyle changes and improvements, not simply short term fixes.

Our approach will integrate exercises, practices and strategies that are backed by leading edge science and evidence, including movement, recovery, mindfulness & awareness, social support and diet.

Our mindset will be one of caring for ourselves versus beating ourselves up, becoming aware of our choices, resistance and conditioning, and making changes that matter and that we can stick with!

More specifically, we will learn, practice and ultimately turn into habit the following:

- A Strategic and Consistent Movement & Mobility Practice

- Total Body Strength Training & Conditioning

- Metabolic Workouts

- Self care and recovery routines

- How to eat to stabilize blood sugar, reduce inflammation, metabolize fat, and maintain energy

- Awareness Based Practices that cultivate attention, a positive outlook & resiliency, and focus our intentions on what's most important to us - goals, values, relationships and commitments.

And most importantly, our Life Performance Camp will provide the camaraderie, guidance, accountability and support of a team, a coach, and other teammates. You'll just need to sign up and show up. And we will do the rest. Because together, we will accomplish far more than we could ever do alone.

We will train together as a group for one hour each day Monday through Friday for 8 weeks.

If you miss a group meeting, we will provide an online resource that you can complete on your own time - you won't fall behind!

We will limit the size of the group to a maximum of 8, so please let us know right away if you are interested as we expect this camp to fill up!

Details: 8 weeks Starting in September - specific dates and times TBD
Cost: $1000

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