Life Performance Project Starts September 26th - More Details

A lifestyle program for longevity, total health, well being and high performance!

Details: 4 weeks
Starting September 26th
Days / Times: 12 -1 PM, Monday through Friday
Cost: $500
Does not include cost for optional Meal Plan & Labs.

We will limit the size of the group to a maximum of 10, so please let us know right away if you are interested as we expect this camp to fill up!

Please note: Our group workouts will be tailored to your individual capabilities, and will include a mixture of total body strength, metabolic and mobility workouts, soft tissue care and recovery routines, awareness based practices, and lifestyle & nutritional educational strategies and support.

Far more than a bootcamp, this 4 Week Project will provide long-term, lifestyle solutions that cover all the essential ingredients for optimal health and high performance, including:
- Movement, Mobility and Fitness
- Nutrition & Environment
- Rest & Recovery
- Social Connections & Support
- Awareness, Attention & Intention

Yes, during this Project, we will be meeting 5 days per week at the gym. But don't be overwhelmed, because in addition to fitness training, we will also include self-care, recovery, awareness based practices, guidance and education - each day and each workout will be different, comprehensive and dynamic. The intention will be to learn and begin integrating fitness & lifestyle practices that you will continue long term, and in a variety of settings, that don't require going to the gym 5 days per week.

And if you want even more structure and support, we have the following options:
- Pre and Post Labs with Naturopathic MD to measure cardiovascular, thyroid and adrenal health, as well as assess many minerals, electrolytes, vitamins, and inflammatory markers.
- Fully Catered, Complete Daily Meal Plans and Snacks - Local, Whole Food Based, Prepared, Packaged and Delivered by Chef. Please let us know if you are interested, as we have a fantastic and thorough meal and snack program in place!

Pre & Post Labs
Testing will be given prior to initial visit so the doctor can see and discuss levels with patient

Adrenal Stress Index & Singulex cardio metabolic panel
- There will be an initial visit with Doctor before starting the program
- When completing the program, the two tests will be RE- RAN to determine levels again
- After lab results are in, a follow up will be scheduled with patient to review results

Adrenal Stress Index
The adrenal test includes cortisol, taken at 4 times during the day, DHEA, progesterone, insulin, secretory IgA (immune marker), and gluten sensitivity- all things that impact or are impacted by adrenal function. This is a take-home saliva test. $120, however some insurances will reimburse patients.

Single Cardio Metabolic Panel
This blood work, cardiometabolic panel includes extensive cardiovascular assessment, complete with cholesterol panel, inflammatory markers, and markers for vascular dysfunction. Also includes thyroid panel, Vit D, metabolic panel (measures electrolytes, liver and kidney function), B12, folate, parathyroid hormone, blood sugar assessment, and other inflammatory markers. Most insurances will cover it, with exceptions being medi-cal, medi-care, and some HMOs. 

Combining the support and camaraderie of a group, with the guidance and accountability of a coach, and strategies and training backed by leading-edge science, our Life Performance Project will be appropriate for all ages, abilities and goals. Don't miss out. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

Because we believe that time spent training has a bigger and broader purpose. It's about taking care of ourselves, versus beating ourselves up. It's about setting ourselves up for having a fulfilling day. For expanding our energy capacity, directing our energy toward what matters most to us, and feeling like we're doing a good job, with the energy to do it all over again, tomorrow. That's what our training is all about.

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