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Do Your Struggle With?

Keeping motivated, engaged & making progress?

Recovering from injury, pain or a health condition?

Setting & achieving all your health goals?

Having the strength & energy to do what you love to do?

Knowing what's best for you and how to do it?

Helping yourself take better care of yourself?


"Before coming to Physical Focus, I lacked the motivation and confidence to make the changes I knew I needed to make in my lifestyle. I felt guilty about not staying healthy and believed that I couldn't stick with working out, let alone follow a complete health plan. With the guidance, support and camaraderie of the whole Physical Focus community, I've lost more than 40 pounds, feel great, but most importantly, know that I am someone who can stick with my health and fitness plan for LIFE!" 

Jay Caplan, Age 49

Managing Director LJ Capital Partners

What Makes Physical Focus So Different?

Your health matters. 

Whether it's making exercise a lasting habit, learning how to move properly, maximizing your performance, or addressing your overall health, longevity and mental focus - at Physical Focus, it's all about what you want and need, at every step along your customized path.

Far more than just your neighborhood gym, our passion is guiding and connecting you to all your health, fitness and performance goals. 

Movement                               Nutrition                        Mindfulness

Age is my reason...

"Since back surgery more than 20 years ago, I've been Training 4 days a week at Physical Focus. At 84, I am stronger, more balanced, capable and confident than I was in my early 60's back when I started. My time in the gym isn't so much about the workout itself. It's about giving me the energy and mobility to golf, travel, engage with friends, lead an active family life, and have a higher overall quality of life. I've watched many of my friends that don't exercise really slow down over the years - that's not at all what my wife and I wanted.

Age isn't my excuse - it's my reason for taking care of myself!" 

Ed Brady, Age 84

Retired Executive

3 Step Approach


Quality of movement is key. Learn how to move your body safely, effectively and efficiently in order to heal, reduce pain, minimize risk of injury, improve performance and maximize results.  


Eat with the intention of stabilizing insulin levels, reducing systemic inflammation, maintaining healthy gut microbiome, and minimizing the risk of chronic disease.  


You become what you repeatedly rest your attention upon, literally. It's important to skillfully use your mind to train your brain to change your mind, body and nervous system for the better.

My Wellness Team

"As an unlimited PFx Class member, I get a complete health and wellness program wrapped up into one fun, supportive and inspiring community of like-minded friends. Each week, I am able to mix it up with total body strength & high energy interval workouts, breath work, guided meditation and yoga classes. Never bored, always under the watchful eye of a coach, with my Physical Focus Wellness Team, I feel safe, supported and encouraged along every step of my health journey.  

Sarah Wilson

Ready to REACH your GOALS?

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how the Physical Focus approach combining movement, nutrition and mindfulness has helped others just like you reach all their health goals

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