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Give Back and Get Fit

 With every CS/PFx Membership we donate 8% of your membership fee to Cold Spring School.  Each and Every month for the entire duration of your membership

PFx / Cold Spring

 Unlimited Membership

$185 / Month

PFx Burn Classes


Burn Zone

3 zones, 4 exercises, 10 minutes each. Push yourself to your individual limit and burn up to 1000 calories. Our small group training, max of 12 people in class, guarantees that you always have individual attention.

Burn Fat-Burn Calories-Burn Stress


Burn Station

12 stations of exercises that are 40s of work with15s rest.   Use the 40 seconds to get as many reps as you can in each of our 12 stations. Embrace the 15 seconds of rest between work phases.  The effort you put in is up to you but remember you get out what you put in!


Burn Round

4 individual rounds comprised of 3 exercises per round for 7.5 minutes each. 40s of work with only 10s between movements for 7.5minutes guarantees you will burn maximum calories.Challenge yourself to get through 40 seconds doing as many reps as possible of each exercise. You'll want to rest but your fellow classmates will always inspire you to push through!


Warrior Burn

Workout Yoga meets Warrior Combat Skills! Full body workout infused with music, high energy, kettlebells and a workout flow with a welcoming vibe for all levels. Warrior Burn focuses on movement, functional training and cardiovascular fitness. You will sweat. You will work hard and play hard. You will leave with a buzz and a glow from the inside out. 

PFx Build Classes

Build Strength-Build Lean Muscle-Burn Mobility

squat .jpg

Build Zone: Strength and Mobility 

Strengthen the entire body through guided exercises with precise attention to proper movement mechanics. Learn how to move correctly to eliminate any movement disfunction and/or pain.  Think personal training in a group environment. Each class finishes with mobility exercises so you leave with a feeling of increased freedom and ease of movement.

Class schedule

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