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Our PFx Classes

Group Classes for the Whole Body & Brain

Burn up to 1000 calories in just one session with our high ENERGY interval training class. Our movement based approach ensures a great workout without compromising form or safety. BURN raises metabolism up to 24 hours after the workout! Whether it's the motivating music, dynamic instructor or the genuine community, you’ll discover the drive to push past your limits and reach all of your fitness goals! 


Build lean muscle and the ability to perform dynamic movements with our exciting strength class. This unique mix of weight, bands, tempo and timing delivers significant results in a short period of time. No more trading good form for a good workout! Our method will establish ideal movement patterns, ease joint pain and create sustainable success!  


PFX Process



  • Proper movement. 

  • Personal connection with your trainer.

  • Personal connection with our community.


Our mission is to bring you not just a workout, but an experience. An experience in which you feel like you’re not just moving safely, but moving in a way that improves your overall health. An experience where your trainer connects with you personally each class, and has a deep understanding of your needs. An experience in which your classmate is someone you can get to know and lean on for support.


It is our belief that fitness is a personalized process that needs a meaningful support system. In order to ensure the best possible outcomes, both from a personal and result-driven standpoint, we limit our class to 15 people. It is our daily duty to create an environment that inspires you, while building the best foundation for success. The PFx experience is an elevated approach to well being, bringing together innovative fitness practices, an unbelievable community of people and the support to build your best life. 


Lets move!


Physical Focus Training Center

140 Hot Springs Rd.

Montecito, CA 93108

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